Sunday, November 5, 2017

What? One Utica Trail Per Month Through January?! Plus Moar Fun Elsewhere?!!!!

Hi all!  Many have asked "hey, isn't anything going on that's fun for drinkers and trail r*nners?".  Revamped site, meatup, and bookface now include Utica H3 events, H3 road trips planned, trail r*ce trips planned, other H3 events going on, local and travel trail r*ce information, and Utica area drinking events.   If you want something added to this list, just let us know! 

We heart visitors and setting up drinking practice when out of towners are in the area.  If y'all want a trail, let us know when and where and will make it happen.

Rumors of our demise are mildly exaggerated!

Utica Trails

Monday Dec 4:  Utica >0 H3 #46 - Utica Hashmas Full Moon Trail (co-hosted with SOH4 as their full-moon trail).  Date/Time/Location: Monday Dec 4, 6:09 PM start from Swifty's Pub, 257 Genesee Street, Utica, NY.  Prelube there also.
Trail Theme:  Last trail of the year, so wear some Xmas / Holiday season stuff.  (Or don't, and come anyway).
Description: I-Feel Tower is going to be in town , and we heart visitors.  Mostly paved, Utica Club and Saranac beer nears, some holiday themed surprises.  This also is cosponsored by SOH4 and is their Full Moon trail for December, so be sure to wear something to protect your cranium from the moon's harmful cosmic rays. More on meatup
Hash cash:  $5 
What to Bring:   Hash cash, ID and money for prelube/after, headlamp, change of clothes and clothes, towel, virgins, sense of adventure, virgins, another towel for hasher friends who forgot their towel.
After:   Swifty's for food and drinks.

Jan 13 -14 2018:  CNY Interhash cohosted by Utica.  Location TBD.
Beyond: Probably Saturday of Boilermaker Weekend and other events. whatcha want?

Selected H3 Road Whoring Event Options:
Nov 17-19: Skull and Boners 4th Analversary
Dec 17: Flour City Bacon and Bourbon IV
See "Other Hashes" for Kennels in driving distance

Selected Trail R*ces and Drinking Practice:
04/07/2017 - English's Ridge Rumble at Green Lakes
For much moar, see the "Area Trail R*nning | Drinking Practice" Section