Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Up Next: CNY WinterHash!!!

Hi all!  Many have asked "hey, isn't anything going on that's fun for drinkers and trail r*nners?".  Revamped site, meatup, and bookface now include Utica H3 events, H3 road trips planned, trail r*ce trips planned, other H3 events going on, local and travel trail r*ce information, and Utica area drinking events.   If you want something added to this list, just let us know! 

We heart visitors and setting up drinking practice when out of towners are in the area.  If y'all want a trail, let us know when and where and will make it happen.

Rumors of our demise are mildly exaggerated!

Utica Trails

Jan 13 -14 2018:  CNY WInterHash 2018 Events Hosted by U>0H3 and SOH4
Sunday Jan 14 - The CNY WINTERHASH 2018 MAIN EVENT hosted by U>0 H3 and SOH4.

$22.69 covers your rego for the main event Sunday Jan 14 starting at 12:30 at Mill Run Park Whorrall Pavilion  in Manlius.  
What You Get: Beer, Trail, Beer, Winter Hashlympics (including awards of minimal value!), Snacks and Water to Recover from Hashlympics, Beer, and the sexiest scarf you have ever seen as the hab giveaway for first 45 hashers who rego.  
Much more information on rego page at: https://www.soh4.com/product/winterhash2018/

CNY Winerhash Prelubes (separate cost):

Saturday Jan 13:  SOH4 regular Saturday trail (hash cash separate from main event).  Check www.soh4.com, meetup, etc for details as that gets closer.  

Sunday Jan 14: 
10:30AM-12:30PM  Lunar Shooting Star / 6 Pack 10k Prelube (Pay/Donate Separately from Main Event). Start for both is at same location as the main event and the Bad Idea Committee gives you two options to exercise at least your liver!  

Prelube the Hashlympics in style with a 6 pack 10k starting promptly at 1030 HST. BYOB or let OTD ahead of time that you want to drink 6 Utica Clubs. Finish in under 2 hours and you will earn a 6 pack 10k patch. 

Spectating party for the 6 pack 10k is a Lunar Shooting Star Trail. First 30 to donate at least 5 bucks get a Lunar Shooting Star patch (star is yellow, for those that are collecting). All proceeds go to Make A Wish. Alcohol and snack donations encouraged while we cheer on the 6 pack 10kers (who are free to donate and get the Lunar patch also of course!). If you are thinking "so this 'shooting star trail' is just standing around drinking on a Sunday morning?", then you would be correct!

Beyond Dates: Probably Saturday of Boilermaker Weekend, some Saturdays, and other events. whatcha want?

Selected H3 Road Whoring Event Options:
Sat Jan 6 - Ithaca H3 Screw Year! 
Saturday Mar 17 - Flour City Green Dress Run!
See "Other Hashes" for Kennels in driving distance

Selected Trail R*ces and Drinking Practice:
04/07/2018 - English's Ridge Rumble at Green Lakes
05/05/2018 - North Face Endurance Challenge at Bear Mountain
06/23/2018: Table Rock Challenge (Clark's Reservation)
06/30/2018 - Finger Lake 50's (Finger Lakes National Forest)
08/27/2018 - Thacher Trail Running Festival (Voorheesville)
10/28/2018 - Hairy Gorilla Half / Squirrelly Six (Voorheesville)
For much moar, see the "Area Trail R*nning | Drinking Practice" Section