U>0 H3 History

In the long long ago of the 90s, we have been told there was a chapter of Hash House Harriers in Rome, NY that disbanded.  In November 2013, OTD and UC set a Saturday trail for SOH4 in the Utica area and to our amazement over thirty hashers showed up... thus the motivation for a Utica kennel was born.

Founders Emeritus:  One Trick Dick, Utica Chub, and Came With A Fake Name. Though Fakey disowned us after U>0 #4.
Mismgmt as of Utica #35 2nd Anniversary Trail:  AHH, Deer Near, One Trick Dick
Questions to uticabtnh3@gmail.com and one of us can answer you poorly.

Prior Trails:

  • U>0 #1:  03/24/14, OTD - Inaugural Trail: Marcy NY (Marcy Bar and Grill)
  • U>0 #2:  04/03/14, OTD - Down By the Water: Utica NY (Harbor Lock Road off Genesee St)
  • U>0 #3:  04/15/14, UC  - Tuesday Taxday Teesome: Whitesboro NY (Dunham Manor Park)
  • U>0 #4:  05/15/14, OTD - MOON Over Turning Stone: Verona NY (Joel's Steak House)
  • U>0 #5:  05/25/14, OTD - Mammorial Day Sunday Trail: New Hartford NY (New Hartford Town Park)
  • U>0 #6:  06/05/2014, UC - A Trail That's Pleasantly Average: Deerfield NY (Deerfield Wilderness Park)
  • First Anal Boiled Liver Weekend Trails (all from HQ)!
  • -U>0 #7:  07/11/2014, OTD - Friday Night Trail (Shiggy Creekweek, Bog Walk, Thicket)
  • -U>0 #8:  07/12/2014, Dancing Fool - Saturday Trail (Marcy Correctional Facility)
  • - U>0 #9:  07/12/2014, OTD - Fat Boy Full Moon Underwear Trail (Around/Through HQ)
  • U>0 #10: 08/09/2014, AHH - A Hashing Renaissance (From Renfest Parking Lot, Sterling NY)
  • U>0 #11: 09/04/2014, Just Mat and Just Linley - A Very Saranac Thursday (Near Nicky Doodles, Genesee Street, Utica).
  • U>0 #12: 10/06/2014, OTD + Deep in the South - Utica Goes to Occasional Mondays for the Winter.. and Moon! (Fairfield parking lot, Verona NY)
  • U>0 #13: 10/27/2014, Pickup Trail for Hashoween and World Peace Through Beer ( Lock 20 Park, Marcy NY)
  • U>0 #14: 11/11/2014, OTD + Deer Near - First Annual Burning Stuff Trail (Stockdale's, Oriskany NY)
  • U>0 #15: 12/08/2014, OTD, Holiday Pub Crawl (Sumo, New Hartford NY)
  • U>0 #16: 12/22/2014, OTD, Pajama and Potluck Trail (HQ, Marcy NY) 
  • U>0 #17:  01/19/2015, Anus No Camus and Water Pussy, Hashers On Ice (Middle of Delta Lake, Rome, NY)
  • U>0 #18:  02/09/2015, Touch Me Not and 10% More, Snow Day in Herkimer (Salty Shamrock, Herkimer, NY)
  • U>0 #19:  03/16/2015, OTD, Analversary Trail (Babe's, Genesee St North Utica)
  • U>0 #20:  04/03/2015, OTD, LBDR Prelube Pub Crawl Trail (Nail Creek, Varick St Utica)
  • U>0 #21:  04/04/2015, UC and Golden Snowball, Little Black Dress Run (Gerbers Tavern, Utica)
  • U>0 #22:  04/05/2015, OTD and Deer Near, Zombie Jesus Hangover Trail (HQ, Marcy NY)
  • U>0 #23:  05/17/2015, ANC and WP, Moss Island (Little Falls, NY)
  • U>0 #24:  06/13/2015, OTD, Trail and Float (Barneveld, NY)
  • U>0 #25:  07/10/2015, ANC and Touch Me Not, Boiled Liver Friday, Washington ST Park Herkimer NY (Boiled Liver Friday)
  • U>0 #26:  07/11/2015, OTD, Lock 20 Park (Marcy NY)
  • U>0 #27:  08/09/2015, AHH, RenFest Trail (Sterling NY)
  • U>0 #28:  09/10/2015, OTD, New Hartford NY
  • U>0 #29:  10/17/2015, Piggy and Cocktimus Prime (part of U>0/SOH4/HMH3 Interhash, Nail Creek, Utica NY)
  • U>0 #30: 12/7/15, OTD, Holiday Pub Crawl, Sumo, New Hartford 
  • U>0 #31:  1/18/16:  OTD and Deer Near, MLK day trail, Recovery Room Verona
  • U>0 #32:  02/08/16:  OTD, New Hartford Maze Trail, Carmela's New Hartford
  • U>0 #33:  03/04/16:  OTD, Ivy League Interhash Prelube Scorecard Pub Crawl, Radisson
  • U>0 #34:  03/05/16: OTD, 5th Anal Ivy League Interhash, Coordinated by CUNT H3 and Hosted in 2016 by Utica H3, Radisson, Utica 
  • U>0 #35:  03/06/16:  AHH, Utica 2nd Analversary + Ivy League Hangover Brunch Trail, Radisson 
  • U>0 #36:  06/23/16: OTD, Post Saranac Thursday Drinking Practice
  • U>0 #37:  07/08/16: OTD, Boiled Liver Friday Drinking Practice - Woodland Hops
  • U>0 #38: 07/09/16: OTD and Deer Near, 3rd Anal Boiled Liver Trail (Lock 20, Marcy)
  • U>0 #39 : 08/10/16:  Drinking Practice at Carmella's with visiting Eager Beaver
  • U>0 #40: 10/16/16: Deer Near and OTD, Pinti Field, Rome
  • U>0 #41 / HM536: 10/31/16: Deer Near, OTD, and Piggy - (Center St Pub - Schenectedy)
  • U>0 #42: 07/02/17 OTD and DN, Inaugural 6p10k, Shindagin Hollow, Ithaca 
  • U>0 #43: 07/08/17: OTD and DN, Boiled Liver Trail, Lock 20 Marcy
  • U>0 #44: 07/09/17:  BoilerMaker Beer Near, Parkway, Utica NY
  • U>0 #45/SOH4 305 11/03/17:  OTD, WPTB Full Moon, Griffiss Tech/Art Park, Rome NY
  • U>0 #46/SOH4 #310 12/04/17: OTD, Utica Hashmas (SOH4 310 Full Moon), Swifty's, Utica
  • U>0 #47 / SOH4 #318 01/14/18: OTD / Snidely/ Six:  CNY WInterHash 2018, Mill Run Park, Manlius
  • U>0 #48 04/09/2018 Utica 4th Anniversary.  OTD, Chancelor Park, Utica NY
  • U>0 #49 06/07/2018 U>0 H3 Takes on the Mott Marathon, Herkimer Elementary
  • U>0 #50 07/07/2018 U>0 H3 Boiled Liver! OTD, New Hartford Town Park
  • U>0 #51 07/08/2018 U>0 H3 Beer near trail at the Boilermaker
  • U>0 #52 10/24/2018 U>0 H3 World Peace Through Beer (w/ SOH4 372) - Destiny USA
  • U>0 #53 07/13/2019 U>0 H3 Boiled Liver. OTD, New Hartford Town Park
  • U>0 #54 07/14/2019 U>0 H3 BN at Boilermaker(Lady Kale + One and Done)  
  • U>0 #55 10/19/2019 U>0 H3 WPTB  (w/SOH4 something something ) - Rome Art Park
  • U>0 #56 03/21/2020 U>0 H3 Virtual Disaster Trail
  • U>0 #57 04/13/2020 U>0 H3 6P10K (with virtual options)
  • U>0 #58 07/11/2020 U>0 H3 Boiled Liver! OTD.  Sherill Brook
  • U>0 #59 10/29/2020 U>0 H3 (with SOH4 something something) - WPTB Firefighters Memorial Park
  • U>0 #60 07/11/2021 U>0 H3 Boiled Liver. OTD, Town Park. 
  • U>0 #61 10/10/2021 U>0H3 BN at Boilermaker!
  • U>0 #62 10/20/2021 (w/SOH4 532) WPTB Full Moon -- Firefighters Memorial Park

Notable Firsts and Traditions (such as they are):

First TDF w/ Loser Doing Dead Bug: U>0 #1 
First Encounter w/ Local Officials:  U>0  #1 (w/ a ride, no less)
First Virgins:  U>0  #2
First Clothing Swap: U>0  #2
First Proof-Of-Life of Items Left Behind at Prior Trails:  U>0  #2
First Local Muggle Accosting a Hare:  U>0  #3 (UC)
First U>0 Naming:  U>0 #3 (CWOP)
First Living Room Circle: U>0 #3
First DNA on Trail:  U>0  #4
First Songs Created on Trail:  U>0  #4 by Pom Pilot (see rehash for lyrics)
First Abandoning of Trail:  U>0 #4
First Shoe Destroyed by Utica Trail:  U>0  #5 (Cummando Coobler)
First Successful Group Sit Check: U>0  #5
First Sitting Down Lawn Circle: U>0 #5
First Kitchen Circle: U>0 #7
First Time Prisoners Chanted to Our Group: U>0 #8
First Hashers Passed Out During Circle: U>0 #8
First Underwear / Midnight Run: U>0 #9
First Hash Crash During a Fat Boy Trail: U>0 #10
First Virgins Picked Up on Trail to Join Us For Circle: U>0 #10
First Snake Handled on Trail (literally):  U>0 #11 (Just Bill)
First Virgins Scared Off By Shiggy Stuck to Hares: U>0 #12
First Pickup Trail: U>0 #13
First Clothing Swap ... that wasn't a clothing swap.. in a business district: U>0 #13
First World Peace Through Beer Trail: U>0 #13
First RL (Roll in Leaves) and LL (Lie in Leaves ) Checks: U>0 #14
First Cajun Trail:  U>0 #14
First Wine on Trail:  U>0 #15
First Trail Done Entirely Indoors in Pajamas: U>0 #16
First Dogs on Trail:  U>0 #17
First Frozen Water Crossings:  U>0 #17
First Trail Set in Snow instead of chalk:  U>0 #18
First Cupcake Sandwich: U>0 #19
First Encounter with Oneida County Sheriff:  U>0 #19
First Time Followed by Two Police Cars... Who Didn't Talk to Us: U>0 #19 
First Mismgmt Adds:  U>0 #19
First Scorecard Crawl Trail: U>0 #20
First Dress Run: U>0 #21
First Time Hares Shopped for Clothes on Trail:  U>0 #21
First Glittering: U>0 #21
First Harrier to Blow By Rest of Trail All The Way to Second Beer Near: U>0 #21
First Time a Virgin Became Sick at an After: U>0 #21
First Easter Egg Hunt: U>0 #22
First Interpretative Dance of Trail: U>0 #22
First circle with water only: U>0 #22
First Hangover Trail That Led to People Napping at the After: U>0 #22
First Ice Cream on Trail:  U>0 #23
First Float on Trail:  U>0#24
First Naming of a Virgin:  U>0 #24
First Rowboat to a Beer Near: U>0 #25
First Fresh Strawberries on Trail: U>0 #26
First Meetup Virgin to complete trail:  U>0 #30
First Hare Vehicle Towed Out of Snowdrift: U>0 #31 
First Time Hasher Rego for Event On Trail: U>0 #33
First Arrest Warrant and Suspect Fleeing Observed on Trail: U>0 #34
First Hot Cross Buns Purchased on Trail: U>0 #35
First 6P10K:  U>0 $42

Notable Records:
Most hashers passed out on lawn in circle:  U>0 #8, 2  
Most hashers collapsed on a hotel floor waiting for circle: U>0#34, 9
Most Hashers at an Event: U>0 #21, 27
Most Hashers at a joint event:  U>0 #29, part of CNY Interhash 2015 w/ SOH4 and HMH3:  46
Most Number of State/County Vehicles Investigating Flour:  U>0 #24, 3

Have Hosted Visitors From:

  • Boston H3
  • Buffalo H3
  • Flour City H3
  • Friendly Toast H3
  • H4
  • Halve Mein H3
  • Harrisburg Hershey H3 aka H5
  • Hudson Valley H3 / New Paltz H3
  • Ithaca H3
  • Las Vegas H3
  • NYC H3 
  • Osan Bulgogi H3  (Korea)
  • Over the Hump H3 (NOVA)
  • Rotten Groton H3 (CT)
  • SavH3 (GA)
  • Skull and Boners H3 (CT)
  • SLOW H3 (CNY)  
  • Snowblinders H3 (Watertown / Sandy Creek)
  • Summit H3 (NJ)
  • Syracuse On-On-Dog-A H4
  • Tri-Lakes H3 (NY)

U>0 Chalk Talk.