U>0 H3 History

In the long long ago of the 90s, we have been told there was a chapter of Hash House Harriers in Rome, NY that disbanded.  In November 2013, OTD and UC set a Saturday trail for SOH4 in the Utica area and to our amazement over thirty hashers showed up... thus the motivation for a Utica kennel was born.

Founders Emeritus:  One Trick Dick, Utica Chub, and Came With A Fake Name. Though Fakey disowned us after U>0 #4.
Mismgmt as of Utica #35 2nd Anniversary Trail:  AHH, Deer Near, One Trick Dick
Questions to uticabtnh3@gmail.com and one of us can answer you poorly.

Prior Trails:
U>0 #1:  03/24/14, OTD - Inaugural Trail: Marcy NY (Marcy Bar and Grill)
U>0 #2:  04/03/14, OTD - Down By the Water: Utica NY (Harbor Lock Road off Genesee St)
U>0 #3:  04/15/14, UC  - Tuesday Taxday Teesome: Whitesboro NY (Dunham Manor Park)
U>0 #4:  05/15/14, OTD - MOON Over Turning Stone: Verona NY (Joel's Steak House)
U>0 #5:  05/25/14, OTD - Mammorial Day Sunday Trail: New Hartford NY (New Hartford Town Park)
U>0 #6:  06/05/2014, UC - A Trail That's Pleasantly Average: Deerfield NY (Deerfield Wilderness Park)
First Anal Boiled Liver Weekend Trails (all from HQ)!
-U>0 #7:  07/11/2014, OTD - Friday Night Trail (Shiggy Creekweek, Bog Walk, Thicket)
-U>0 #8:  07/12/2014, Dancing Fool - Saturday Trail (Marcy Correctional Facility)
- U>0 #9:  07/12/2014, OTD - Fat Boy Full Moon Underwear Trail (Around/Through HQ)
U>0 #10: 08/09/2014, AHH - A Hashing Renaissance (From Renfest Parking Lot, Sterling NY)
U>0 #11: 09/04/2014, Just Mat and Just Linley - A Very Saranac Thursday (Near Nicky Doodles, Genesee Street, Utica).
U>0 #12: 10/06/2014, OTD + Deep in the South - Utica Goes to Occasional Mondays for the Winter.. and Moon! (Fairfield parking lot, Verona NY)
U>0 #13: 10/27/2014, Pickup Trail for Hashoween and World Peace Through Beer ( Lock 20 Park, Marcy NY)
U>0 #14: 11/11/2014, OTD + Deer Near - First Annual Burning Stuff Trail (Stockdale's, Oriskany NY)
U>0 #15: 12/08/2014, OTD, Holiday Pub Crawl (Sumo, New Hartford NY)
U>0 #16: 12/22/2014, OTD, Pajama and Potluck Trail (HQ, Marcy NY) 
U>0 #17:  01/19/2015, Anus No Camus and Water Pussy, Hashers On Ice (Middle of Delta Lake, Rome, NY)
U>0 #18:  02/09/2015, Touch Me Not and 10% More, Snow Day in Herkimer (Salty Shamrock, Herkimer, NY)
U>0 #19:  03/16/2015, OTD, Analversary Trail (Babe's, Genesee St North Utica)
U>0 #20:  04/03/2015, OTD, LBDR Prelube Pub Crawl Trail (Nail Creek, Varick St Utica)
U>0 #21:  04/04/2015, UC and Golden Snowball, Little Black Dress Run (Gerbers Tavern, Utica)
U>0 #22:  04/05/2015, OTD and Deer Near, Zombie Jesus Hangover Trail (HQ, Marcy NY)
U>0 #23:  05/17/2015, ANC and WP, Moss Island (Little Falls, NY)
U>0 #24:  06/13/2015, OTD, Trail and Float (Barneveld, NY)
U>0 #25:  07/10/2015, ANC and Touch Me Not, Boiled Liver Friday, Washington ST Park Herkimer NY (Boiled Liver Friday)
U>0 #26:  07/11/2015, OTD, Lock 20 Park (Marcy NY)
U>0 #27:  08/09/2015, AHH, RenFest Trail (Sterling NY)
U>0 #28:  09/10/2015, OTD, New Hartford NY
U>0 #29:  10/17/2015, Piggy and Cocktimus Prime (part of U>0/SOH4/HMH3 Interhash, Nail Creek, Utica NY)
U>0 #30: 12/7/15, OTD, Holiday Pub Crawl, Sumo, New Hartford 
U>0 #31:  1/18/16:  OTD and Deer Near, MLK day trail, Recovery Room Verona
U>0 #32:  02/08/16:  OTD, New Hartford Maze Trail, Carmela's New Hartford
U>0 #33:  03/04/16:  OTD, Ivy League Interhash Prelube Scorecard Pub Crawl, Radisson
U>0 #34:  03/05/16: OTD, 5th Anal Ivy League Interhash, Coordinated by CUNT H3 and Hosted in 2016 by Utica H3, Radisson, Utica 
U>0 #35:  03/06/16:  AHH, Utica 2nd Analversary + Ivy League Hangover Brunch Trail, Radisson 
U>0 #36:  06/23/16: OTD, Post Saranac Thursday Drinking Practice
U>0 #37:  07/08/16: OTD, Boiled Liver Friday Drinking Practice - Woodland Hops
U>0 #38: 07/09/16: OTD and Deer Near, 3rd Anal Boiled Liver Trail (Lock 20, Marcy)
U>0 #39 : 08/10/16:  Drinking Practice at Carmella's with visiting Eager Beaver
U>0 #40: 10/16/16: Deer Near and OTD, Pinti Field, Rome
U>0 #41 / HM536: 10/31/16: Deer Near, OTD, and Piggy - (Center St Pub - Schenectedy)
U>0 #42: 07/02/17 OTD and DN, Inaugural 6p10k, Shindagin Hollow, Ithaca 
U>0 #43: 07/08/17: OTD and DN, Boiled Liver Trail, Lock 20 Marcy
U>0 #44: 07/09/17:  BoilerMaker Beer Near, Parkway, Utica NY
U>0 #45/SOH4 305 11/03/17:  OTD, WPTB Full Moon, Griffiss Tech/Art Park, Rome NY
U>0 #46/SOH4 #310 12/04/17: OTD, Utica Hashmas (SOH4 310 Full Moon), Swifty's, Utica
U>0 #47 / SOH4 #318 01/14/18: OTD / Snidely/ Six:  CNY WInterHash 2018, Mill Run Park, Manlius
U>0 #48 04/09/2018 Utica 4th Anniversary.  OTD, Chancelor Park, Utica NY
U>0 #49 06/07/2018 U>0 H3 Takes on the Mott Marathon, Herkimer Elementary

U>0 #50 07/07/2018 U>0 H3 Boiled Liver! OTD, New Hartford Town Park
U>0 #51 07/08/2018 U>0 H3 Beer near trail at the Boilermaker
U>0 #52 10/24/2018 U>0 H3 World Peace Through Beer (w/ SOH4 372) - Destiny USA
U>0 #53 07/13/2019 U>0 H3 Boiled Liver. OTD, New Hartford Town Park
U>0 #54 07/14/2019 U>0 H3 BN at Boilermaker(Lady Kale + One and Done)
U>0 #55 10/19/2019 U>0 H3 WPTB  (w/SOH4 something something ) - Rome Art Park

Hash Trash for Some of These

Notable Firsts and Traditions (such as they are):

First TDF w/ Loser Doing Dead Bug: U>0 #1 
First Encounter w/ Local Officials:  U>0  #1 (w/ a ride, no less)
First Virgins:  U>0  #2
First Clothing Swap: U>0  #2
First Proof-Of-Life of Items Left Behind at Prior Trails:  U>0  #2
First Local Muggle Accosting a Hare:  U>0  #3 (UC)
First U>0 Naming:  U>0 #3 (CWOP)
First Living Room Circle: U>0 #3
First DNA on Trail:  U>0  #4
First Songs Created on Trail:  U>0  #4 by Pom Pilot (see rehash for lyrics)
First Abandoning of Trail:  U>0 #4
First Shoe Destroyed by Utica Trail:  U>0  #5 (Cummando Coobler)
First Successful Group Sit Check: U>0  #5
First Sitting Down Lawn Circle: U>0 #5
First Kitchen Circle: U>0 #7
First Time Prisoners Chanted to Our Group: U>0 #8
First Hashers Passed Out During Circle: U>0 #8
First Underwear / Midnight Run: U>0 #9
First Hash Crash During a Fat Boy Trail: U>0 #10
First Virgins Picked Up on Trail to Join Us For Circle: U>0 #10
First Snake Handled on Trail (literally):  U>0 #11 (Just Bill)
First Virgins Scared Off By Shiggy Stuck to Hares: U>0 #12
First Pickup Trail: U>0 #13
First Clothing Swap ... that wasn't a clothing swap.. in a business district: U>0 #13
First World Peace Through Beer Trail: U>0 #13
First RL (Roll in Leaves) and LL (Lie in Leaves ) Checks: U>0 #14
First Cajun Trail:  U>0 #14
First Wine on Trail:  U>0 #15
First Trail Done Entirely Indoors in Pajamas: U>0 #16
First Dogs on Trail:  U>0 #17
First Frozen Water Crossings:  U>0 #17
First Trail Set in Snow instead of chalk:  U>0 #18
First Cupcake Sandwich: U>0 #19
First Encounter with Oneida County Sheriff:  U>0 #19
First Time Followed by Two Police Cars... Who Didn't Talk to Us: U>0 #19 
First Mismgmt Adds:  U>0 #19
First Scorecard Crawl Trail: U>0 #20
First Dress Run: U>0 #21
First Time Hares Shopped for Clothes on Trail:  U>0 #21
First Glittering: U>0 #21
First Harrier to Blow By Rest of Trail All The Way to Second Beer Near: U>0 #21
First Time a Virgin Became Sick at an After: U>0 #21
First Easter Egg Hunt: U>0 #22
First Interpretative Dance of Trail: U>0 #22
First circle with water only: U>0 #22
First Hangover Trail That Led to People Napping at the After: U>0 #22
First Ice Cream on Trail:  U>0 #23
First Float on Trail:  U>0#24
First Naming of a Virgin:  U>0 #24
First Rowboat to a Beer Near: U>0 #25
First Fresh Strawberries on Trail: U>0 #26
First Meetup Virgin to complete trail:  U>0 #30
First Hare Vehicle Towed Out of Snowdrift: U>0 #31 
First Time Hasher Rego for Event On Trail: U>0 #33
First Arrest Warrant and Suspect Fleeing Observed on Trail: U>0 #34
First Hot Cross Buns Purchased on Trail: U>0 #35
First 6P10K:  U>0 $42

Notable Records:
Most hashers passed out on lawn in circle:  U>0 #8, 2  
Most hashers collapsed on a hotel floor waiting for circle: U>0#34, 9
Most Hashers at an Event: U>0 #21, 27
Most Hashers at a joint event:  U>0 #29, part of CNY Interhash 2015 w/ SOH4 and HMH3:  46
Most Number of State/County Vehicles Investigating Flour:  U>0 #24, 3

Have Hosted Visitors From:
Boston H3
Buffalo H3
Flour City H3
Friendly Toast H3
Halve Mein H3
Harrisburg Hershey H3 aka H5
Hudson Valley H3 / New Paltz H3
Ithaca H3
Las Vegas H3
Osan Bulgogi H3  (Korea)
Over the Hump H3 (NOVA)
Rotten Groton H3 (CT)
SavH3 (GA)
Skull and Boners H3 (CT)
Summit H3 (NJ)
Syracuse On-On-Dog-A H4
Tri-Lakes H3 (NY)

U>0 Chalk Talk.