Monday, June 8, 2020

Trail Schedule and More

Hi all!  Many have asked "hey, isn't anything going on that's fun for drinkers and trail r*nners?".  Revamped site, meatup, and bookface now include Utica H3 events, H3 road trips planned, trail r*ce trips planned, other H3 events going on, local and travel trail r*ce information, and Utica area drinking events.   If you want something added to this list, just let us know! 

We heart visitors and setting up drinking practice when out of towners are in the area.  If y'all want a trail, let us know when and where and will make it happen.

Rumors of our demise are mildly exaggerated!
2020 Utica Trails/Events (note, so many dates open it's staggering)

Sat July 11, 2020:  7th Annual Utica BoiledLiver Trail:  This is happening at 12:69 PM at Sherill Brook Park in New Hartford.  Arrows will be left to parking/ trail start from the entrance.  $5 hash cash, ravines, and the trails OTD has run almost daily all spring.

After will likely be pizza delivered to the park unless weather is awful. 

Ghost trail option will be posted once the event is complete for anyone that wants to do trail with full social distancing.

Sat July 12, 2020:  I mean, a bunch of folks are running the boilermaker course (even though it's deferred and virtual or something).  Circle up at 7:50 AM by the start line, working to line up BN during the non-race. 
October or November: WPTB w/ SOH4. 

Beyond Dates: Some longer trails on a Saturday?, and other events. whatcha want?

Selected H3 Road Whoring Event Options (bug us if you want yours added):

I mean, all of 2020 might get deferred to 2021 right?

Selected Trail R*ces and Drinking Practice:
For much moar, see the "Area Trail R*nning | Drinking Practice" Section