Friday, October 20, 2023

Trail Schedule and Events

Hi all!  Many have asked "hey, isn't anything going on that's fun for drinkers and trail r*nners?".  Revamped site, meatup, and bookface now include Utica H3 events, H3 road trips planned, trail r*ce trips planned, other H3 events going on, local and travel trail r*ce information, and Utica area drinking events.   If you want something added to this list, just let us know!  We also have a what’sapp for other Utica things. 

We heart visitors and setting up drinking practice when out of towners are in the area.  If y'all want a trail, let us know when and where and will make it happen.

Rumors of our demise are mildly exaggerated!

2023-2024 Utica Trails/Events (note, so many dates open it's staggering)

We made it through BoiledLiver 2023!  Thanks to all who made the event!  Updated hab in the hab section!




Sat October 21 : Utica / Syracuse A Very Disney Princess World Peace Through Beer.  Rego at

Theme: A Very Disney Princess World Peace Through Beer !!!!! Wear Disney Princess attire for pictures in front of a castle, wine daydrinking, and enjoy a very special beer near with beer from around the world!

More on World Peace Through Beer overall:

Saturday Oct 21, Meet Time: 12:69 PM (that’s 1:09 PM).  Princesses start trail by bringing a bottle of wine to pass.  Trail is on out once that’s gone or your hares are too drunk for a coherent chalk talk, whichever comes second.

What to expect: Your annual Utica >0 + SOH4 World Peace Through Beer trail is a very Disney Princess trail! Hares OTD, Festering Foot Stuff, and IBS bring you an all-virgin trail tour of Canastota featuring pictures in front of a real castle, a Glass Slipper Tour De Franzia, and 3 BN (including one with beers from around the world).   True trail is under 5 miles with less than a tenth of that being shiggy that you will barely notice after the beer, wine, world peace through beer, snacks, merriment, and songs you might not have heard before.

What to Bring: Virgins, a towel, change of clothes for the after, $10 for hash cash, virgins, a towel, change of shoes, virgins, sense of adventure, dogs are okay but need to be leashed. Additional money for the after is recommended.

 After: 3 Pines.



December 1 - Utica University hockey teddy bear toss game.  Just go. Trust me.


Save the date:  Monday Jan 15 2024, Hashers Go to Hockey with Utica Comets at Syracuse Crunch 1 PM game. Getting block of tickets, message OTD for details.

Save the date:  April 4-6 weekend:  Utica 10th / Little Black Dress Run 

Save the date:  July 12-14:  Utica BoiledLiver weekend.  Friday:  Joining the 1 mile 'BoilerFaker' crawl/party, rego info to follow.  Saturday - trail from OTD's.  Sunday - BN at the Utica Boilermaker and after party.  More details to follow.

Beyond Dates: Some longer trails on a Saturday?, and other events. whatcha want?

Other Area Hash Event Save The Dates (check out Other Area Hashes for links on these): 

Saturday Sep 9 2023 - SOH4 Red Dress Run

Saturday October 1 2023 - IH3 35th

Wednesday October 25 2023 - Halve Mein WPTB

November 10-12 2023 - Skull and Boners 10th

February 2024 - IH3 hosting winterhash 

June - SOH4 Rainbow Tutu (TBD)

Halve Mein KNURD - TBD

 Flour City Weekend - TBD

April 12-15 2024: Boston Marathon Weekend 

May 3-5 2024: Educated Guess this is H5 Stinko Weekend

August 9-11 2024:  Happy Valley Buffett Weekend

August 23-25 2024:  IH3 Weekend

 Aug 31 - Sep 2 2024:  Return of Labor Gay , this time in Halve Mein

Selected Trail R*ces and Drinking Practice:
For much moar, see the "Area Trail R*nning | Drinking Practice" Section