Our Hab is Better Than Nothing! 

U>0 Patch - $5 (almost sold out)
BoiledLiver Shirts - $15. Short sleeve - xxl only (1 left).  Long sleeve - medium (1 left), large (1 left), xl (2 left).
Baseball socks - $13 ,  XL (Women 13+, Men 12-15) and L (Women 10-13, M 9-12)
BoiledLiver Patch:  $3

The official Utica h3 shirt is still to get a Utica Club shirt from Saranac Brewery and use a sharpie to add “> 0 H3” or “BTN H3” between the “Utica “ and “Club”.  OTD will happily grab you one at cost, sharpie it for you, and message . 

Contact uticabtnh3@gmail.com for order requests or message OTD.